Motorcycle Rental in Bali

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Motorcycle Rental in Bali

Rent a bike (Motorbike) in Bali is very easy terms in Bali alias is not difficult not easily get the vehicle with the vehicle still in good condition and complete with amenities.

If you are going to vacation in Bali and want to use the motor as a means of transportation, then you can rent Motor with travel bali beautiful dotcom and we are ready to assist with all my heart. various types of motorcycles with a very good condition and well maintained, at any time you rent.

Motorcycle rental rates in Bali listed below are included:


  • 2 helmets
  • 2 pieces raincoat
  • 2 pieces of gloves
  • motorcycle shuttle in hotel


Terms of rental motorcycle in Bali:


  • Required to have sim C
  • 2 days minimum rental
  • Ninja 250R can lease one day
  • Entrusts ID / Passport original during the lease period
  • Willing to be documented before the handover of the motor
  • The motor can only be used on the island of Bali
  • Shuttle motors over at 17:00 pm charged extra according to the agreement
  • Other terms & conditions set out in Form Motorcycle Rental Agreement In Bali


So what are you waiting for ……? if a rental Motor in Bali please contact us

We are ready to help you … now we are waiting for your arrival. See you in Bali and wish you a pleasant holiday enjoying the attractions that exist in Bali.

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